Experience quality finish

Meyer Plc is a one-stop paint solution Company. We pride ourselves in our ability to provide total quality paint products.

We today can deliver a diverse range of paint products at very competitive prices. Our Product Portfolio ranges from architectural, auto refinishes, industrial, marine and high performance coatings as well as wood refinishes.


Our creative solutions have added both tone and resonance to building projects, while protecting both the inside and outside of the building’s walls, ranging from office buildings to private homes.

Auto Refinishes

Our auto paints come with lower drying periods, work well in all painting conditions, and provide your car with quality coating. The paint primers are state-of-art and final coatings for all automobiles have been tested to withstand weather conditions, attrition, stone projections and time-based factors.

Industrial and marine

We produce acrylic, epoxy and polyester industrial paints in a wide color range, suitable for all our customers’ needs. MEYER paints work noticeably well on material surfaces like fiberglass, ceramics, fabric, concrete, plastic, and metals.

Wood Finishes

Our Wood Finishes paints come with exceptional characteristics that give your wood surfaces the right texture, shade and finish you desire. MEYER PLC also offers wood finish paints with staining properties. Staining wood is optional, but our paints offer wood finishes that are necessary to protect the wood’s outer surface from dryness, cracking or deterioration.

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