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We have a reputation to protect and we are fully committed to keeping the company’s integrity in the marketplace.

Environmental Sustainability

Our products are non-toxic, environment-friendly and are specially manufactured to coexist with our ecosystem.


Our products have been made to withstand extreme weather changes, attrition,


Our Mission

To employ all resources at our disposal in positioning our company as the leader within our chosen sphere of activity; effectively satisfying the total quality demand of our market, the aspiration of our employees and providing optimum return on our stakeholders’ investments through focused profitable growth whilst we remain a responsible corporate citizen.

Our Vision

  • To create a steady, and reliable supply of standard paints that is held beyond reproach by customers both in Nigeria and beyond.
  • To become a household name for paint preference in Nigeria.
  • To develop a paint production system that serves Nigeria and West Africa delivering quality at premium prices.
About Meyer PLC

Experts In Quality Paint Making.

MEYER PLC is the Manufacturers and Marketer of high quality Paints, including Architectural Paints, Wood Paints, Auto refinishes, Industrial and Marine, Road lining Paints, Roof coatings, Tube coatings, HP coatings and Adhesives.

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Our Expertise
Making Us
Paint Choice

In the ever changing paint industry and the increasing sophistication of the requests of our customers, Meyer PLC has carved out a name for itself as a producer of outstanding products that has consistently satisfied our customers’ demands over the years.

Meyer PLC is a service centric organization that seeks first to make our clients happy while manufacturing environment friendly products that can stand the test of time.

We spare no expense in developing premium quality products and we ensure our customers get the worth of their money.

Durable Products

We make long-lasting paints that are designed to stand up to extreme conditions without losing aesthetic features

Expertly Formulated

All our products are produced in ISO certified factories following years of research and development to find the perfect blend of elements.

Affordable Service

We help our clients save money and cut cost while still delivering top-of-the-line products and quality customer service.

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